New Year, New Theme, New Blog!

Not a new blog as such, more of a re-vamp. The old theme was getting a bit painful on the eye due to it’s heavy black and bright orange. I have decided to go along with this new simple theme, quite understated, hoping that the content will stand out further (and so more people are able to read it).

Also, I was aware of the gradual neglect whilst I am not at college, this is silly,I don’t stop having ideas and carrying them out while im not at college. So from now on you can enjoy more regular, hopefully every 2 days, updates. All based around my thoughts, small drawings and ideas. Hopefully this will show you a little more about  me as a designer and person, but also help me evaluate what I’m up to creatively.

This is also the start of my new university year (the one that counts). Currently during the interim summer period, but that does not mean no work. I have to work hard during this period and the next year if I am to achieve my full potential. Get ready for a lot of ideas, notes, thoughts, drawings, photos, graphics, typography and general madness that you used to find on the Tom Barden Design blog!

Oh and don’t worry, I havn’t forgotten:-

Tom out!

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