Plenty to say.


I have been looking at a website called “TED” recently and I really suggest that everyone who reads this takes a look. It is filled to the brim with inspiring, interesting and very factual videos about everything and anything, from art & design to politics to social, moral and environmental issues.

One recent video I viewed was from a conference in which Jane Mcgonigal spoke on how; “Gaming can make a better world” In this video Jane discusses the ways in which she feels games could be designed to influence people to do better things in real life.

I felt I would give this a mention as it inspired me greatly, it also got me thinking a lot about how this could work, I spent about half an hour discussing new ideas that she could use with a friend and I ended up with something I feel could possibly work in the future.

I demand you to watch this video, it is highly interesting and has some astounding facts and figures behind it.

My Projects:

As part of my summer holiday off college, I have to do college work (oh the poor poor irony). This consists of coming up with an idea for what my graphic design brief will be, this is the main project which takes me throughout the year. Also I have to start work on researching and writing my essay.

I would like to do the essay base on propaganda, most likely based around a question such as: “Looking at the moral, social and political issues the artist or designer face when producing propaganda” Due to this, I believe I will do my main project based somewhere around or within World War 2, where some of the most famous propaganda appears. This will link it all together nicely and hopefully keep it interesting throughout, stay tuned for more updates as to exactly what my brief will be.


As you may, or may not, be aware – Myself and 2 friends have decided to start a collaborative photography blog called “Frozen Reflex” clicking the link will take you straight to it and inside you will find weekly themes, challenges, reviews and trips we take, all photography based. Please take a look, comment, subscribe to future posts and enjoy.

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