How do you Progress Forwards in a Backwards World?

Agreed, right from the off, this is a little different to what I normally write about in posts and is a little off topic from my actual blog, but as part of my new approach to the blog (updating regularly) I am going to add in this little rule: post about anything I find interesting, or a need to discuss.

So the question: “In a backwards world, how do you progress forwards?” It occurred to me today that the way forward, may actually be backwards. I know… silly, right? Wrong. Just think about it for a second, I, as you may be aware, am from the UK, London to be precise and boy is it going downhill. Already overpopulated, like the whole country, even the world, and increasing further more. The government, in all its wisdom, however is deciding now is the time for a mass increase in the amount of flats and housing being built, this is to cater for yet more people. More people means more cars, more cars means heavier traffic, heavier traffic equals, yes you guessed it; increased pollution.

I naively, was under the impression that the world, therefore the British government, wanted to cut down on pollution. So wouldn’t it make much more sense to deter people away from; firstly this overcrowded city and secondly from the country as a whole. After all, it has been said by so called experts that Britain, as a land mass, should only be able to support 32 million, we are currently working our way into the 70 millions.

This however is beside the point, back to the matter at hand. What I would like to know first is what happened to the patriotism of the country? I agree, the English as a nation are very patriotic to our troops overseas, to our football team and sports in general, but where has the old patriotism gone? Why are things not like it was during World War 2 when the whole country pulled together, supported one another, we don’t need a war to do that, it’s just good human practice.

Something else to talk about is music, what has happened to the world of music? All we listen to nowadays is commercialised rubbish, (don’t all hate me at once) it’s true. Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears. What is that? It’s a disgrace, none of them can sing, all are manufactured to make money by the record companies who prey on young teenagers, mainly girls. Don’t even get me started on this entire hip hop, rap and R’n’B culture happening before my eyes. I personally am a classic rock and heavy metal fan, although a lot of people would turn their noses up at this, in my defence I 90% listen to the 60’s through to the 80’s stuff and very VERY  little of the modern day equivalent, because once again, modern day music is terrible. What happened to the 1930’s and 40’s songs by the ink spots?

No wonder some kids these days find themselves going back to older music, sure the 70’s and 80’s was pretty terrible in some aspects, but it was one hell of a lot better than today’s counterparts.

I’d like to continue and discuss things such as consumerism, globalisation, but I feel myself getting more and more wound up. The lack of common sense in this world astounds me and the amount of seemingly brain dead people who fall for this junk, I have been discussing, amazes me. Yes maybe that is a controversial thing to say and no I’m not the smartest person around, but I would put myself mid-way in the educated pile , plus open minded enough to accept certain things, but with enough common sense to step back and say “hey now, what’s all that about?”.

I would just like each and every one of you reading this (if anyone) to think about what I have said, going backwards (in time) can be the new forwards, we can continue evolving technologies and improving out life styles, so long as we take steps to provide a future for us all. This means smart environmental, moral and social decisions.

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “How do you Progress Forwards in a Backwards World?

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    • Hey thanks very much, it is actually largely unfinished, but i wanted t upload it as it was and then i can go back and edit it in the near future!


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