University Semester 1 – Review

Semester 1 got off to a very good and active start, not to say I couldn’t have done much more, but generally I am very pleased with how I performed, acted and got on with the work/tasks at hand. I’d say the two hardest things within this semester were; firstly getting the initial proposal started and secondly the end presentation. I decided to do this years project on wayfinding systems within airports, specifically Heathrow Airport. The reason for doing this (as outlined in my written and visual proposals) was because I felt the existing systems are not clear enough.

This semester my sketch book was a huge improvement on my first and second year books, there isn’t really much comparison. I was quite interested in getting as much primary drawing ideas down as possible before executing anything on the computer and indeed, I hadn’t executed all that much on the computer. I genuinely feel this has greatly aided in development on the way through the ‘Development of ideas and concepts module’ An area that I probably could have focused on a bit more before hand in was the typeface design. I was very centred around the overall background research of airport signs, be it primary or secondary and the layout of such designs. I had a brief period of looking at how I could redesign or re-envisage an airports symbols, this probably could have been increased, however, I now have a much better ground to work from in semester 2 because of the work I done.

My primary research questionnaire that I carried out was very useful, however, i feel i should have shortened it and made more people take it, as 10 people isn’t enough to get a clear concise response. Although there were some interesting answers which aided me in the visual proposal presentation.

I have mixed feeling over the final visual presentation. Generally I am quite pleased with how I put across the details, although I feel I could probably have spoken about a few more details and maybe cut down on some of the rest. It was a large improvement on my initial run in my opinion and I think it was clear I knew what I was discussing and how to put across the information. It wasn’t too badly designed for a powerpoint presentation either, even if i do say so myself. I even went to the effort of making a spoken internet video version, which I then placed on my blog.

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