Cinema 4D Practice

Hey everyone, its been a while since I last posted something interesting, so I thought I had better do that sharpish!

I’ve been learning over the last 3 or 4 days a program called Cinema 4D. It is a 3D program which allows you to create and texture models, create movies and apply physics to get the desired results. Although i have only been using the basics and obviously have  afew years to go before I could consider calling myself a pro, I feel I have learnt a awful lot, just from doing these 2 videos you see below.

This first one was a tutorial I followed to get me into understanding sme basic tools and concepts:

This second video was done 100% without tutorials ust seeing how far I could take my knowledge. It isnt without its flaws, but i’m not expecting masterpieces just yet:

Check out my friends blog posts to see their attempts at the tutorial:


Tom out!

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