Critical Reflection Session 2

Today I had my second critical reflection, this time with a different set of design colleagues. I decided that instead of showing any A3 sheets with already developed icons on them, I would show my sketch book and the full development phase that I went through.

There was a mixture of positive and negative comments towards my work, all the time being constructive. It has helped me to view my project from a slightly different angle and it could evolve quite nicely from here onwards.

Some suggestions that were made were:

  • The ‘environmental’ designs were thought to be over complex. The audience didn’t feel that I needed to introduce background aspects to get across what I was showing within my icon. I’m not sure if I personally agree with this, I have had quite positive responses from them from my original critical session and I think they work really nicely with the added features.
  • I explained my goal of wanting to provide a system which uses no words at all and is purely based around icons and arrows. People agree that this would be an interesting avenue to explore and possibly be better for different languages.
  • On top of that, it was suggested that i create a board that would be on the entrance of the airport  which perhaps provides a key to the symbols shown within the airport.
  • Use of different shapes such as triangles, squares, circles for different sections of icons, for example, squares could be used for the main things within an airport such as departure icons, gates, places that need to be got to (primary icons) triangle (although normally symbolizing danger so not the best) could show food, drinks and shop based icons, and a circle could show maybe any informative things, such as airport information or maybe toilets.
  • The use of different colours was also a strong concept, keeping within the same shade, so for example light pastel colours, blue for departure, yellow for food and drink, red for information and green for arrivals (may interrupt fire exits, must be careful of that)


I’ve taken a lot away from this crit and truly believe my project will benefit from it.

Thanks for stopping by,

Tom out!

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