Unity – Experimental Poster Typeface

I designed this typeface for a university project 2 years ago. It never really got used and got left at the far reaches of my hard drive. I have since revisited it and improved upon it. I also decided that I would try my hand at presenting it in a certain style as a way of promotion.

To do this I designed the logo based upon two “U’s” in the typeface, this tries to symbolise the name of the typeface, as they look like they are united. I also experimented with branding it to some form of charitable or aid organisation, this can be seen in the second poster. The second poster is based upon my original university poster, although i feel it is much improved, enjoy:






Thanks for viewing,

Tom out!

One thought on “Unity – Experimental Poster Typeface

  1. looks good thomas, I think it works better smaller and as I said I’m not 100% keen on the A and Q


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