Minimal Photography

As promised in the previous post I have been out doing some photography. I thought this morning I would get up earlier and make the most of the beautiful blue skies by trying my hand at some minimal photography. The blue skies somehow managed to turn grey half way through my trip, although I do think this aided me to a certain extent. Below are a few of the shots that I got. I’m hoping to go out again next week on another photography session! (click the images to view larger versions)

To begin with I thought I would add to the collection of photos that Upminster Windmill has already collected over the years. Probably being the most interesting landmark in the town it naturally must be the most captured on film. However, I thought this would be the perfect subject to start with some minimal photographs. As you can see the sky was perfect for the occasion.

Next I walked down to St. Andrews Church of Hornchurch. On the way the sky made a dramatic change which to begin with was quite disheartening, but I think it really improved the atmosphere of the image of the spire, especially the tonal changes within the sky.

And of course! What photography trip would be complete without an image of a flag! Sadly I only came across this Scottish flag, but a flag is none-the-less a flag. This image is much nicer with the grey sky, as the blue of the flag probably wouldn’t have been visible against the previous sky.

All in all it was a very nice morning and I look forward to some more fresh winters mornings with blue skies!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tom out!

Tom out!

One thought on “Minimal Photography

  1. Really nice minimal photos! The top four are by far my favourite, the lighting is georgeous. Out of them it’s got to the be the fourth one down, id like to see more of these, and I want to take some too!


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