My Jersey Island Journey – Part 1 – Home

From the dates of 6th July to 13th July I was on holiday. I travelled with my family across the channel to Jersey, not a million miles away, only a 45 minute flight in fact, but it was still a brilliant opportunity to experiment with my photography in an unfamiliar land. The following few blog posts that I write over the next couple of weeks will be detailing my trip, what I did, what I saw, the photographs I took and a little bit of history about the island and various places on it.

This first post will be about the accommodation I stayed in throughout the holiday. We have always stayed away from hotels as a family opting for a cottage / converted barn for the week. The place we stayed in this year was called Bakehouse Cottage and has routes dating back to the 17th Century, although much of it has been restored and updated since those times it still retains a dated look. Here are some photos I took of the place:

This first image is of a view from the rear garden, both the left and right building were part of our living space and we had full access to the garden if we wished. The garden was nicely looked after and the Rose bushes worked really well against the walls of the building.


This image is a view of the building from the front. There was no front of house access only the rear and side entrances, so although this garden was against the road I don’t think it can be considered a front garden. It can’t be seen in this image, but my room had a small hatch that could be opened up and jumped out of into this garden. I’m not sure what it was previously used for but it would have been a handy fire escape had the need arose.


From the side entrance this is the first room you enter, modernised but clearly retaining some of it’s heritage with the wooden beams and brick fire place


This is a close up of the fire place area.


To the right of the living room photo is a door leading to the kitchen. The original bread oven is still visible at the far end although it isn’t able to be used any more.


Coming from the living room and moving down the small hallway this was a sort of annex area, originally part of a separate building but joined up to create a larger living space. We never used this room, I only went through it to get to the main house as my bedroom was above.


And finally this was my bedroom leading up from the stairs in the previous photo. Originally I thought with the heat it was going to get super hot and stuffy but with the hatch open and the two slanted windows it was very cool inside with the breeze that came through.


The next post will be covering the areas that I visited on the first 2 days of the holiday, including a reservoir and the coast line 10 minutes away from the accommodation.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tom out!

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