My Jersey Island Journey – Part 7 – Old Rusty Tractors

A surprisingly interesting part of my holiday was when I visited Le Greve De Lecq on the north coast. There was quite a small beach and a couple of cafes and the all important ice cream stand along the beach, a little further up was the old British barracks and watermill. Walking along the beach a row of tractors caught my eye, they were extremely old and rusted probably bought cheaply as old farm equipment. These tractors were used  by the locals to pull boats down to the shore line, I spent a good while taking pictures of them, here are a few examples of what I came away with.

1 large tractor

The sky was lovely and blue, which works nicely with the red of the tractor, adding definition to the shapes.

2 small tractor

The tractors gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my 50mm lens, I also made good use of my wide angle. Neither of these lenses have ever had so much use as on this holiday and I have found a whole new love for them.

3 agco

The tractors had amazing textures on them, I especially like the peeling text on the registration plate.

4 peeling paint

More textures with a high depth of field.

5 exhaust

Clearly the sea air and sand has taking its toll on the tractors even more so than when they were fully working on farm land.

6 gears

More textured front of  tractors:

7 front rope grill

8 - front grill bckgrd

Thanks for stopping by, more Jersey pictures will be coming soon.

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “My Jersey Island Journey – Part 7 – Old Rusty Tractors

  1. Some really interesting photography, I love rusty old stuff and like that you’ve captured that in these tractors and in your other post “Canvey Island” of the boats! 🙂


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