Impressionist Photography Experimentation

In my hopes to reinvigorate this blog and my photographic adventures, I have been practicing with my camera. It has been nine months since I last went on a photography trip and even that was just a basic walk around my local woodland, so to say I am out of practice would be an understatement.

I came across a visual style called Impressionist Photography. I am aware of impressionism within the realm of painting but don’t recall seeing any impressionist photographs before. I decided to have a very quick experimentation with methods and techniques and believe the two photos below provided the best results:

Impressionist Wheel Photograph

The wheel was developed from three photographs; one looking head-on to the wheel and the other two taken at an angle on opposite sides. I layered the photos so the middle of the wheel was aligned and added a transparency to the top two layers. I also added a slight hue adjustment to the top two layers which hasn’t changed much of the colour, mainly just the maroon background, which used to be more of a faded brown.

Impressionist Cans Photograph

The cans are a series of five photos layered, with transparency effects, the same as the wheel above. I have aligned them as best I could but in the future, it would be better to have the camera slide at a constant height along a rail, as opposed to twisting it on a tripod, which has provided some curve to the alignment.

I am going to explore this style further in the future and will hopefully learn new ways to get better results.

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