Isle of Dogs – London

Continuing on from the experimentation last week, I traveled to London, specifically Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs.

The idea was to make a full day of it but, naturally, I forgot to charge my batteries so was disappointed when, after 2.5 hours, all three of them were dead.

I wanted to experiment with compositional photos, as well as impressionist, and am fairly happy with the small selection below.

This photo is looking over Millwall Inner Dock towards Canary Wharf. It is layered with 3 photos with a transparency on the top two. I am looking to produce more photos with this effect in the future.

Millwall Inner Dock Composition

This looks over the same dock as the photo above. For this one I made sure my shutter speed was lower and moved the camera left to right as I took the shot. It took a few attempts to get a smooth looking blur. It seems strange purposely trying to blur a photo after spending so long in the past trying to capture objects as crisp as possible, but I think it is a nice look and will be something I experiment with more in the future.

Millwall Inner Dock Blurry

A similar method was used in this photo, except the camera was moved upwards. I believe that the ghosting effect was created due to a slight mist that was in the air.


And here we have the standard black and white shot! I tried taking a photo of this metal orb using the method in the first photo composition but it didn’t work as well, probably because there aren’t as many interesting visual overlaps, although the ground criss-cross effect was increased.

Metal Orb

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