Battersea Park and Brompton Cemetery

This weekend I stayed in London and actually visited a place I have been before. I wanted to try and experiment with the compositional photographs some more, although only got two that I considered worth sharing and even one of those – the first one – I wasn’t sure about.

Below is the Battersea Park Peace Pagoda, I have given more information about this in a previous post so won’t double up the information, but it is a really interesting place to visit. I’m not thrilled by how this image turned out, probably because the building is too symmetrical, so you don’t get enough ghosting or interesting structures either side of the main focus.

Battersea Park Peace Pagoda

This is the second compositional image that I took and I’m really pleased with it. There is a nice symmetry, although I need to work on taking the left and right photos at the same height and distance. Definitely a tripod needed next time!

Battersea Park Frame Structure

I took this photo opposite the Peace Pagoda. It is a shame about the scaffolding, but it has given me an idea for a future series of photos!

Building on Thames

The second location that I visited was Brompton Cemetery. It is a fairly large cemetery with some quite old graves. I even saw there was a catacombs underneath with some eerie looking graves that were half broken. As with all grave sites in the UK there was a significant amount of squirrels, below is a shot I got of one eating a nut on a grave.

Squirrel eating nut on grave

I don’t often produce black and white photos, but I think the stone graves look much better in black and white than colour. Plus you get the added bonus of a more creepy looking graveyard!

Graveyard Mausoleum


Gravestones Black and White

This is a random photo taken in Battersea Park. It is part of the structure I photographed as part of the second compositional photo further up the post. I like the symmetry and shadows, so decided to shove it in here at the end!

Shadow Form

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