London – Back to photography

It has been a few years since I went on a serious, dedicated photography trip. This Sunday, I decided I would make a day of it in London. I started from Liverpool Street Station and slowly made my way towards Westminster before returning to Liverpool Street via South Bank.

City of London boundary dragon.

As usual, my primary interest was with the buildings surrounding me. They make some fascinating geometric shapes.

This building is part of the Broadgate Circle near Liverpool Street.

Man battling to light a cigarette in the windy city streets. The Leadenhall Building aka The Cheesegrater.

I took this first photo with my wide-angle lens and I think it works well with the reflection. I’m not as keen on the Christmas lights that cut through it but maybe you are?

This is an alternate to the photo above. This time I used my 50mm lens in an attempt to blur the lights out a bit more. I’m still not sure which version I prefer.

My intention with the below photo was to use the leaves as potential flames/sparks of flames overlapping the memorial of the firemen.

Blitz. The Heroes with Grimy Faces.

The UK Firefighters National Memorial. In honour and memory of those firefighters who gave their lives in the defence of the nation 1939-1945. Sculptor: John W Mills PPRBS ARCA FRSA

Overall I had a great day of photography. Had a couple of chats with fellow hobbyist photographers (hope you guys got some good shots) and decided to climb The Monument to see some of the great views it offers across the city.

I promise I was in a better mood than I look. The Monument’s many steps took a bit of a toll…
Just a phone shot. Not great detail, but breathtaking views.

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