Hackney Wick & Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Following on from my last excursion into London, I spent some time this Sunday at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Hackney Wick to see if any urban photography opportunities would present themselves.

London Aquatics Centre

Initially, I wasn’t too sure about the photos I had taken on the day but, upon closer inspection on the computer, I think I got a good selection.

It’s always a good day when you can capture such great textures like the rust in the below photo.

It’s a shame that it started raining just as I needed to be pointing my camera towards the sky, so the next couple of photos have some rain spots on them.

The “A” photo below didn’t come out quite how I wanted because, as can often happen, two overzealous security guards decided that I shouldn’t be taking photos of a private building. Ultimately, the joke’s on them. I did and it’s here.

Another rain spotted photo.

Thanks to my fellow adventurer, Olga, for spotting this opportunity.

In the end, it was a great day out. Albeit slightly cold and windy! I’m sure I will revisit this area in the future to explore further as there appears to be a lot of untapped potential. Maybe next time I can dodge the security guards.

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