Tower Bridge and Bermondsey

Another weekend, another trip to London. This time from Liverpool Street station, across Tower Bridge and through Bermondsey. After a late lunch in The Gregorian pub, I then walked to Hays Galleria before heading across London Bridge and back to Liverpool Street station.

The original plan was to visit on Sunday. However, this was switched to Saturday which worked out well as, even though there was a low cloud level hiding the top of many of London’s largest buildings, Sunday was even worse.

The Shard partially covered in mist
The Shard, partially covered by low clouds.

After crossing Tower Bridge, I walked east through Bermondsey where red appears to be the accent colour of choice.

Grey and red building

Triangle effect building
Spot the crow. This building sits west of Tower Bridge’s southernmost point.

Red building in Bermondsey
Another red building in Bermondsey.

I debated including this next photo. It’s, unfortunately, a bit blurry but, in the end, I decided it wasn’t enough to exclude it.

Another good day out. Not as many photos were taken as I started the day late. Then after a good while in the pub the darkness started to encroach. Still, not a bad little series.

Check out my Instagram for some extras that I haven’t included on here.

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