I have recently got myself a copy of Corel Graphics suite X4 (today in fact). I would say i am already pretty fluent with this program (needless to say i still need to learn lots more). I thought i would watch a random video tutorial on youtube just to see what i could learn. It amazed me, in just 6 minutes worth i had learnt so many new things which would make life so much easier in the future. Anyway take a look at what i made (it may look simple, and it was, but the amount i learnt was crazy.) This program is deffinately worth a look, if not a try.

 vector buttonTom out!

One thought on “CorelDRAW!

  1. Nice gradient work. The actual thing you made is way too shiney and doesn’t look all that good(to put it bluntly sorry), but as long as your learning, it doesnt matter 😀

    Also glad you got the programme you were on about for ages!


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