Propaganda Posters!

I decided that I would do 3 posters one for America, one for Germany and one for France based upon what the country thought/ wanted from the Treaty of Versailles.

The USA design basically means, you can only have the great words that are in large text, if you follow the smaller 14 points (made by President Woodrow Wilson) These are meant to represent terms and conditions that we so often see in todays society.

The French poster is a similar layout design, but this time French President Georges Clemenceau isnt hiding anything, he says what he wants, then the smaller red text says that what is seen above is only the start, and he goes into full detail below, but much larger than Americas terms and conditions.

The German poster is designed as a secret Nazi propaganda poster against the treaty to try and win them some sub-concious votes.

It would be really useful to have some feedback on these and maybe some helpful hints/ tips for the future.

To see large versions of these posters please click here

Tom out!

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